Rental Payments

Rental Payments can be made by using one of the following convenient methods:


1. Registering with DEFT payment system to directly transfer the funds from your nominated bank account or Credit Card.
Visit DEFT at


2. Paying by bpay with Biller Code 4481 and your DEFT reference number


3. Posting a Bank Cheque or Money Order payable to “Express Realty” to our office


For security reasons we do not accept rental payments in cash. Personal cheques are also not accepted.


Rent must always be paid in advance.  If at anytime rent cannot be paid on the due date, please contact your property manager in writing to arrange a payment plan that may be put to the Landlord for approval.


It is the tenants responsibility to ensure that rent is always paid on time. If rent is not received and falls fourteen days in arrears, a Termination Notice will be automatically issued along with an application to the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal for payment of the outstanding rent as well as Termination of the Tenancy Agreement and possession of the premises.