Residential Premises Condition Reports

It is a requirement that a condition report be completed by the landlord and the tenant. This condition report is an important record of the condition of the residential premises when the tenancy begins and may be used as evidence of the state of repair or general condition of the premises at the commencement of the tenancy. It is important to complete the condition report accurately. It may be vital if there is a dispute, particularly about the return of the bond money and any damage to the premises.


At the end of the tenancy the premises will be inspected and the condition of the premises at that time will be compared to that stated in the original condition report.


Two copies of the report which have been filled out and signed by the landlord or landlord’s agent will be given to the tenant before the tenancy commences.


The tenant should complete the tenants section of the condition report as soon as possible and return one copy to the landlord or landlord’s agent within 7 days after receiving it and keep the second copy.