Starting the Tenancy

When your application is approved you will be required to leave a holding fee of 1 weeks rent to secure the premises. This holding fee will go towards the first weeks rent and is non-refundable should you change your mind.

To sign the lease, you will be required to pay 2 weeks rent upfront (or 1 month’s rent if you choose to pay monthly) plus a bond of 4 weeks rent.

It is strongly recommended to read the lease thoroughly and ask questions for anything that you do not understand. You are committing to a legally binding contract for which there is no cooling-off period. You will want to ensure that you understand and agree to what you are signing.

Within the first 2 months, a lodgement receipt will be posted to you from Fair Trading to confirm that your bond has been lodged with your Rental Bond number. If you do not receive this, please contact them on 13 32 20.

Helpful tips for a hassle free tenancy:

  • Keep a copy of your lease, condition report, rent receipts, rental bond number and other correspondence in a safe spot.
  • Never stop paying your rent, even if there is an issue as this will affect your tenancy record and may cause you to be evicted
  • If repairs are needed, put your request in writing
  • Comply with the terms of your lease. In particular, never make any alternations, keep a pet or let other people move in without receiving written permission from your landlord/agent.
  • Consider taking out home contents insurance. It will cover your belongings in case of theft, fires and property damage. The Landlord’s building insurance, if they have it, will not cover your things.